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How a Ticketing System is Used to Better Serve Customers

How, exactly, do you make sure your ever-expanding customer base is being treated properly? Planned Growth is taking care of this fundamental challenge of business growth with the addition of an amazing support solution: our very own support portal.

Planned Growth’s Support Portal is an incredibly innovative idea that has blossomed into something huge! It helps us plan your online business growth through a customer support solution that remains unchallenged to date. Our support portal makes communication about projects easier than ever with an intuitive dashboard with extremely useful features.

Our new support portal will allow you to better track activities online so you can truly monitor the growth of your business. Planned Growth’s features means peace of mind so you don’t have to stress about how your web marketing budget is spent. You literally have the ability to communicate with everyone working on your project. You can ask questions as well as be more available for clarification to ensure tasks are completed right the first time.

How Planned Growth’s Ticketing Service Makes Your Life Easier:

  1. Through ticket management – Every ticket is answered by the right support person. Moreover, each ticket is resolved.
  2. Thru proper filing – Everything that goes through your customer support is organized and filed for easy retrieval. Nothing will stop a ticket from resolution.
  3. Get to know your techs – By messaging with the actual person who is doing the work, there is less chance of a communication breakdown.

After the first month with our new system in place, the overall consensus is that PG Support Portal creates an easy work environment where everything is accessible, and communication with each other is much more efficient. Have you signed into your Planned Growth dashboard yet?