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Tips on How to Get B2B Leads from LinkedIn

Based on 2017 research, over 80% of B2B quality leads come from social media and from these leads 59% are culled from LinkedIn compared to 24% from Facebook and 28% from Twitter!

According to Mediakix, an influencer marketing firm, LinkedIn continues to be the professionals’ choice when seeking recognition, talent, or attention. Based on April 2017 figures, there are over 467 million LinkedIn users and the platform enjoys a 9% annual growth rate among American adults. In addition, over 57% of all companies globally opt for a LinkedIn account over and above any other social media platform mainly because they want to project the image of being a force in their respective industry.

Referencing B2B leads, LinkedIn stays ahead with 80% leads generated while only 13% on Twitters and around 7% on Facebook. This proves that number of users is not necessarily a major factor with B2B leads.

Here are some tips on how to tap into the power of LinkedIn to generate B2B leads:

LinkedIn Offers High Quality Professional B2B Content

The assumption of many is that LinkedIn is a social media platform for jobseekers and while there is some truth to that – it’s not the true reality for this platform. LinkedIn is a treasure trove of high quality, original B2B content that can be used as a source from a business perspective. Start working on organic, well-written content because this will allow you to sponsor content to your target audience. This platform is also the first stop for B2B marketers looking for content to distribute because content on LinkedIn has the potential to be seen 9 billion times!

Join LinkedIn Groups, Seek Industry Leaders

The main advantage with joining groups is opportunity to personalize and establish real connections based on shared interests. Joining groups and connecting with industry leaders also validates your presence and content.

Use LinkedIn Features

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager has many products that you can use to target specific markets and cliques based industry, job description, seniority, or education, among others. Some of these products are InMail, Sponsored Updates, Lead Gen Forms, and search features. Business decision leaders check their LinkedIn InMail which ensures that your email (if you use this feature) won’t get lost in Spam or junked automatically to Trash.

A few tips on how to be effective when using InMail include:

  • Identify your target. Do not randomly select executives and hope to hit the jackpot. Don’t settle for anyone but the decision-makers.
  • Never send copied and pasted content. Write organic and original content and make sure the content is impeccable and personalized.
  • As soon as you are able to connect, don’t use the same feature to try to close a sale. After all, marketing is a different ballgame from sales.

Work and Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile

You’ve worked hard on your emails and content – and that’s great! However, don’t forget to also perfect your LinkedIn profile and sanitize your online presence. Most definitely, your content and email will drive interested professionals to seek, maybe validate, what they have read from you. And if they see something amiss with your profile, they might just decide to turn around and ignore your efforts.

Finally, have a realistic strategy before you embark on your B2B lead generation. Without a good strategy, you’ll forever remain on first base.