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Tips to Avoid Internet Marketing Scams

The internet can be as dangerous as it is helpful. In today’s world, scammers and hackers lurk around every corner of the web looking to take away your information, time, and money. These attacks vary victim to victim, but lately there has been an increase in internet marketing scams. Internet Marketing Scams target business and individuals looking to grow the online presence of their brand, along with promote their products or services. With so many different online marketing agencies and professionals looking to advertise their skills, scammers have a clear path to take advantage of unsuspecting professionals. When looking for a marketing agency, here are some helpful tips to consider in order to avoid becoming the next victim of an internet marketing scam.

Inability to Explain

If someone is telling you that they can help your brand reach millions, but offer vague directions on how to do so, it is most likely a scam. Authentic marketers will be able to walk you through step-by-step of their processes and explain to you the reasoning behind all of their actions. Internet marketing scammers may approach you saying that their plan has seen success across multiple backgrounds and promise you will be the next they help elevate. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Different products and services have to be marketed a specific way to reach their target audiences.

Pay Attention to Details

Often times, you may be directed to a homepage of an internet marketing scam through an ad on another page. These ads will disguise themselves as buttons on the page you are currently on. Be careful of what you click, and for added measures install a pop-up blocker on your browser. Another point to consider is to rethink visiting websites that are “http” instead of “https” as the “http” (without the “s”) is not protected and can open you up for hackers and scammers if information is given.


Most importantly, researching is your best tool. A quick internet search of the company that you are considering or that contacted you may pull up a large thread of users showing that company is in fact fraudulent. If a company is persistent in getting you to sign up without giving you the proper time to do your due diligence and think over the decision, that may be another sign of an internet marketing scam. Marketing agencies work for you and are there to help make your business grow. When dealing with a marketer that sounds like a salesperson, there may be some reason to suspect they are part of an internet marketing scam.