The Use of Keywords and Pay Per Click Advertising

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Yes, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is more complicated than other types of Internet advertising, but that only applies if you are new to it. There’s a science to it that can easily turn off new online business owners and non-techie webtrepreneurs, yet it is highly effective when done right.

In fact, it can get downright exciting! It’s like you’re cracking the code of how people think and predicting what they’ll do.

The key to doing PPC successfully is by studying and working with keywords and key phrases. Keywords are the words typed in a search engine box. For example, if you want to find a review on a mobile phone, type in the brand as the keyword. Lately, long-tailed keywords or key phrases have become more effective because it turns the search or query more specific. Instead of typing in the brand of the mobile phone, you would type, “features of XYZ brand.”

Last year, online advertising grew by 15%, and part of the reason for the growth spurt was the 21% increase in PPC in 2012. In short, advertisers were enjoying excellent results from their PPC efforts in 2012. That led to more companies deciding to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on the action, so to speak!

This was an incredible reversal from the 2011 performance of PPC that only had a 6% rate over organic searches. In simpler terms, as advertising became more creative and accepted online, users were shifting and beginning to do their shopping online. It all came together with the increased security protocol and efficient online payments options.

With amplified advertising came the pressure to bid higher since the competition became stiffer. To counteract the increase in advertising costs, advertisers were forced to be very picky with their keywords. Even if it meant bidding higher for a better keyword, it was the preferred action because the results were more favorable.

Choosing Keywords

PPC always starts with a keyword. Advertisers need to bid on keywords but it isn’t just about the bid quote but other factors such as relevance to the user. The best way to get the results you want from a PPC campaign is to take into account the following:

  • Research the selection of keywords – The keywords have to make sense to your business.
  • Prioritize and group your selection – Be organized. You cannot bid high on every keyword you want to use. Keep your selection tight but do not forget to prioritize.
  • Use negative keywords – This is an option offered by PPC services so you can filter the people who can see your ads. It will save you from having to pay for ads from people who will never buy from you even if they click on your ads out of curiosity. You see, clicking on ads is not your target; it’s finding the right market who will want to click and buy from you.

Finally, optimize your bids on proven keywords and don’t forget that your ad still has to do its job by appealing to your market by being creative, eye-catching, and compelling.

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