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The Value of Good Analytics

Getting targeted visitors to your website and establishing a solid brand as you turn a profit is not as easy as it sounds. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that if they have an aesthetically pleasing, properly optimized website with good content and a great product or service offering, they’ll make a lot of money. Although these factors can certainly help, they aren’t always enough to make a business successful. Instead, entrepreneurs who do all of the above, pay close attention to their analytics and make necessary tweaks based on their analytical data are ten times more successful than those who take a “build it and leave it alone approach.”

In fact, entrepreneurs who screen their traffic and evaluate their visitors’ activities are more likely to experience success than those who simply build a site and do nothing after that. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Digital enterprises like Planned Growth have mastered all aspects of marketing and analytics, and help our clients solve the problems of tracking, by giving them access to refined analytics. At Planned Growth, we help you make informed and sophisticated changes to your website based on actual data, not opinions or hypothesized ideas.

Analytics are important to you as an entrepreneur because it enables you to measure the strength and performance of your content and ad campaigns in real time. It also allows you to easily access your campaigns so you can evaluate them in an efficient manner. Planned Growth gives you access to important site analytics, which segregates your clicks and views using various parameters. Then, we send you professional reports after every analysis that you can evaluate and share with your team for maximum effectiveness.

Good analytics will help you in a number of ways. Here’s how:

  • It enables you to understand your audience better.
  • It helps you to see what type of content is most and least effective.
  • It allows you to spy on your targeted audience’s behavior (which areas they visit most or least).
  • It makes you more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your content and marketing campaign.
  • It connects all your marketing outlets on one platform for a detailed analysis.
  • It gives you access to reports of your performance in real time.

Research shows that a broken link, underdone webpage, or an unfocussed online campaign brings about a meteoric fall in the interest level among customers. In today’s fast-paced world, every digital communication is worth a million dollars and raises a lot of awareness for you. So instead of missing out on these channels, you can use analytics to propel your marketing efforts for quicker and more stellar results. For instance, analytics allow you to view email list analytics, engage metrics, and even bounce rates. You can easily see how your subscribers are increasing every month. This enables you to build a good analytic framework that helps grow your potential subscriber and client list and enhance engagement metrics, email open and click-through rates, shares of each email you send, and more!

Planned Growth understands the value of good analytics and therefore, we give you access to all the right analyzing principles and tools to more effectively work through your campaigns. We help you dive deeper into the SEO auditing process so you can evaluate SEO performance, integrate the activities of your campaign and ensure timely reportage.

The digital world truly has a lot of potential to change the dimensions of your business and give it the right push towards success. By using analytics properly, we can help you propel you to success.