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Video Facebook
It goes without saying that Facebook is vital for your business. Sharing messages with your targeted audiences via social media are more important than ever given the current landscape of our culture. And, while I don’t mean to raise the stakes, with the current nature of digital marketing – plain, written content 100% of the time may not cut it.

Let’s keep it simple– videos drive clicks and engagement. While many people mindlessly skim over written posts because they are simply not engaging, videos spark interest. People don’t just want to read your messaging – they want to experience it. So what’s the key to a video’s appeal on Facebook? Shareable content.

The term ‘shareable’ is just as it sounds – give people visual content they want to redistribute. Videos that entertain, inform or give them something new and unique to think about are more likely to be shared. Provide video that someone will want to share for all their friends to see, thus multiplying the reach of your video from just your followers to all their followers as well – and potentially, their followers’ followers. I am sure you can see where this is going.

While we previously established the fact that a video is preferred over written content, you still must create something that they deem worthy for the eyes of your viewers. Not just any video will be sufficient. Especially when someone publicly shares a link via social media, they are putting their name, and therefore their reputation, behind your content, so it better be good. Content must be intentionally created to spark the attention of your target audience. It is very important that you know your customer well, their likes and interests, so you can tailor your content accordingly.

Quick tips for videos you post to Facebook? Keep them short, two minutes or less. These concise, engaging videos are easily sharable and are more likely to be watched if the a viewer’s attention span isn’t tested. Take your message and illustrate it in a unique way. Find a way to connect with one of the viewers’ emotions.

Please do not fear the future of your company if you aren’t a video-curating genius, there are plenty of resources to help you create sharable content. Do not let the fear of the new and unknown keep you from maximizing your potential to attract and maintain a healthy customer base.