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How Videos Hold The Power To Put Your Business On The Internet Map

business-on-the-internet-map-postSix billion. That’s how many YouTube views happen every single month. If you prefer to see it from a different angle, this means that every person watches online videos for an hour every month. Imagine what you could achieve with quality videos on your website. The viewership is there – are you?

Quality Matters
The number one rule in using videos to market anything or anyone is to make sure it can be loaded quickly. The window of opportunity is a mere 2 seconds for the average online user to wait for a video to load with adequate Internet speed – and then they move on. Two seconds. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, a user would have already decided whether to watch a video or not.

Quality in videos involve: content, production, presentation, and call to action. In short, a good video has to grip the attention of the viewer, it can not give a cause to get distracted, it must be appealing, and have a follow-up course of action. If any of these elements are missing, your video will slip through and not get the kind of attention you want. Or worse, your brand can suffer by having a bad video.