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What Makes Zoho People the Best HR Software in the market? 

The human resource department is an integral piece of any team. In order to run this department correctly and efficiently, you undoubtedly need solid HR management software. With the right HR management software, you can manage your company’s onboarding, attendance, compliance, benefits, and more from a single dashboard. It all comes down to automation and making HR operations more efficient for the department, as well as the individual employees. As a result, many organizations, regardless of size or sector, have begun to adopt specialist HR software. Zoho People is one of the best options for HR software on the market that analyzes all of your company’s needs: from employee attendance to employee management, and even to HR analytics.

So, what makes Zoho People the best?

1. Stores All Your Information in a Single Secure Hub 

You can consolidate your records and have all of your employee details in one safe hub that is available to authorized users from any device with Zoho People. This platform may be customized and scaled thanks to open APIs and webhooks. This means it’ll work with your existing software, as well as any future updates you make.

2. Performance Management at Its Finest  

The performance aspect of Zoho People enables companies and small businesses to upgrade performance management by including all aspects of individual and business performance. You can easily assign goals, give feedback, and even leave reviews. Setting objectives for your staff offers them something to work toward while also boosting their flexibility and responsibility. With the help of Zoho People, you can set objectives and track how each team member is progressing toward their desired outcomes.

In addition, Zoho People aids in the processing of performance assessment cycles. There are elements for monitoring and goal-setting to help with data analytics and productivity. Furthermore, Zoho People allows supervisors and staff to prioritize activities, create checklists, authorize actions, schedule notifications, and manage connectors, among other things.

3. Integration With Your Favorite App 

You can easily integrate this cloud-based HR management solution with your favorite app without any hassle. Zoho People can be integrated with other Zoho software and other third-party applications, such as Microsoft, G Suite, Zapier, Quickbooks, and Adobe Signs, allowing you to manage your workforce without any trouble.

4. Intelligent Time and Attendance Management 

Zoho People allows you to keep track of your team’s attendance, set up shifts, manage time records, and much more in a short period. You may capture, save, and access data in real-time with the integrated software. The manage, empower and analyze features allow you to take control of your employee attendance, enable easy check-in and check-out, and also help you to generate a precise report. Additionally, you can control your employee shifts, assign and allocate time to your team, and customize access to your team members based on their designation.

5. AI Assistant 

The amazing AI Zia is a solid helping hand that will help your team members with simplifying simple HR work like checking in, applying for leave, and clocking out. For example, an employee could apply for leave by telling Zia the dates, reason, and leave type they need. Zia will then complete the entire leave application process on your employee’s behalf using this information. Moreover, if you have a question about HR services, then you can simply “ask Zia,” and it will look for answers in the FAQ database. If the questions aren’t covered by your FAQ database, Zia will encourage the employee to create a case in the appropriate category so that the appropriate specialists may assist.

 6. Advanced Analytics

The HR analytics in Zoho People generate the parameters you need automatically and provide intelligent reports that break down effectiveness, workforce trends, and more. With full statistics for each HR function, Zoho People gives a simple yet efficient solution to optimizing your workforce. Zoho People has everything covered, whether it’s attendance patterns, project progress, or staff performance.

Zoho People will simply tailor to any and all of your HR needs, making it one of the best, if not the best HR software. Here at Planned Growth, we have been using Zoho People successfully for an extended period of time, and it has certainly helped to improve our employee performance and productivity. If you are looking for Zoho or a quality marketing solution for your business, you can get in touch with us via our online form or simply call us at 800-625-4769.