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What are the Features of Zoho Connect?

Zoho Connect Features

What is Zoho Connect? 

Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that encourages collaboration and communication. This software lets you bring together your employees, partners, vendors and anyone else who adds value to your work, all in one place. Zoho Connect also provides you with the space and the right tools to communicate and get your work done faster. Zoho Connect is your organization’s very own private social network.

Zoho Connect is different because it is a cloud-based project collaboration tool designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. Zoho Connect allows users to build an exclusive social network so that colleagues can collaborate and connect on projects, all in real time. Clients can provide feedback and offer suggestions without having to rummage through emails, keeping things simple and organized, for all.

Zoho Connect is very unique in it’s approach. It combines tasks with manuals, forums, chat, conferencing and more. Zoho Connect is more than a simple project management and collaboration tool. It’s an online file directory, library, calendar, chat tool, company forum, manuals and so much more. Zoho connect is all digital and all accessible, where ever you are.


Groups – Creating groups allows you to have one central location to communicate with your team openly and collaborate naturally. Neatly organize all of the files related to the task and easily create and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets with your team. You can set your group to public which allows everyone within your network, clients, vendors, and other interested parties, to view what you are working on. For more sensitive information, you can create private groups only accessible to those who you grant access to.

Feeds – You’re probably familiar with news feeds, by now. The feeds feature in Zoho connect works the same way that other news feeds work, but with in your organization’s private intranet. Feeds are meant to share ideas and spark discussions. You can keep an eye on the conversations that interest you and stay focused on your tasks. You can post to the network wall, for everyone to see, or post for specific teams to read and interact with. You can use @mentions to specify a person and alert them to the message, easily. You can also search feeds to find old posts, tags, random files and other items that you may need to access quickly.

Channels – You can create group specific channels for discussions related to a particular team. With channels, the communication is instant. You can also create independent channels that include those outside of your organization, as well. Getting your message across is easy with drag and drop functionality, you don’t need to know how to code to make a visually appealing message. With channels, you can bring different people and perspectives together in one spot. When you are busy, you can mute the channels that don’t concern you and when you are on the go, the channels are right there with you.

Forums – With Zoho Connect, you can create your own private forums for discussions that are categorized, with the ability to push your message into everyone’s feed. Your team members will be able to follow categories related to their interests and get relevant posts delivered right to their feeds. The rich text editor makes posting with images and videos easy, and the posts look great! Search through older posts to get information or create new posts to share new information. Everything is in one place, and organized for easy access.

Manuals – Zoho Connect offers a unique feature called manuals. Manuals allow you to set up a knowledge base for your team and watch your team flourish with the knowledge that you share. This is an ideal answer to human resources issues such as training, employee procedures, company best practices and more. In one central location, you now have your own knowledge base making sure that everyone is on the same page. Update your manuals as needed and send a message out to your team alerting them of the change, quickly and easily. This is especially helpful with new hires and team members in new positions.

Files – You no longer need multiple cloud accounts to handle all of your files. With Zoho Connect, you get a file system that stores all files in one spot for easy collaboration and organization. No more searching endlessly for documents or waiting for colleagues to send them. Your documents will be where they are expected to be and accessible by those who you decide need the access.

Custom Apps – The drag and drop interface helps you create form-based apps without knowing a line of code. Custom apps were created for the business owner who knows what they need an app to do without needing to know how to code to make it work. The software does the work for you. Zoho Connect’s custom app feature was built to work, just as it is, easily and without learning to code. Build custom form based apps that serve your purpose for your business.

Events – With Zoho Connect events, use the calendar view to get your daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Easily switch between your company and your group calendars to be clear on where you need to be and when. You can create your own events, from meetings to parties using events to invite your team members while tracking RSVPs and triggering reminders. There are even integrations to add your events to Google, Outlook, iCloud and any other calendar service.

Tasks – Zoho Connect keeps you on top of your tasks! You can create boards to manage tasks, use sections to break tasks into simple and actionable units. This is a centralized place to manage your project and maintain control. Drag and drop tasks as needed and color code your sections so they stand out at a glance. You can get a quick view or detailed view of each task, showing when a task is due, who created the task, who’s task it is to complete and the status of the task. You can also add files and @mentions to notify a team member of a task related message. Each task has a time line so you can see the progression as it happens.

Zoho Connect puts all of the tools that you need to manage your team effectively and your tasks in one organized central location. It is your own social network and cloud file system, only accessible to those who you provide access to. You will save time and energy with this powerful suite of tools at your fingertips. Your team will appreciate the organization and the communication being so easy and accessible through out your company.

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