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Zoho Creator: Create Powerful Apps

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that enables you to create and manage any business software your business needs. Businesses can use Zoho Creator to gather data, orchestrate workflows or processes, analyze the data in reports, work in collaboration with other users, and even communicate with third-party applications. Users can access real-time data from anywhere, at any time, by using the native iOS and Android apps that come with every application created with Zoho Creator.

Visually Transform Your Ideas Into Apps

With little to no coding knowledge, anyone may design their own unique applications using the low-code platform Zoho Creator. Developers and business users can easily create web and mobile applications that meet all of their specific requirements thanks to the straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

To address critical business issues, organizations currently spend enormous amounts of money on complicated legacy applications. The business needs of multiple departments at an organization, from marketing to administration and HR, are addressed by these commercial apps.

You likely employ one of two strategies when setting up your company’s software infrastructure, depending on whether your company is a global corporation or a small team operation operating out of a basement: you can either purchase prepackaged apps or employ an in-house development team.

Prepackaged software is not a perfect solution for most businesses. What happens when you come upon a situation or an obstacle that can’t be solved by the pre-made software? Furthermore, businesses have several operational gaps due to the classic one-size-fits-all philosophy to off-the-shelf apps. Every business has their own unique needs and processes, which are hard to anticipate and prepare for in a prepackaged software solution.

The standard alternative, meanwhile, is for your own development team to undertake an expensive and time-consuming software project.

Enter low-code development, simplifying the construction of apps

Low-code development technology: What is it?

Low-code software development is a method for creating processes and apps with little to no coding. Instead of writing lengthy lines of code, a low-code application platform (LCAP) employs simple visual tools to create user interfaces and drag-and-drop features to incorporate business logic.

The basic idea behind low-code is that you only need to hire someone who is familiar with your industry to build the software you require in a low-code environment. You won’t have to worry about things like packaged apps or outsourcing, and the development team’s time won’t be squandered on apps with limited functionality.

Any office tool can be created using one low-code platform

Stop coding on several tools and wasting your valuable time, money, and energy. Here, at Planned Growth, we have used and continue to use Creator to build custom solutions that assist with our business operations and sales. In fact, if you have used our Instant Estimator Tool, you have already witnessed a glimpse of the power and functionality of Creator without even knowing it. Try Zoho Creator, a cutting-edge low-code platform that enables you to create, distribute, and manage digital workplace applications for web and mobile devices, all from a single place!

Begin right away, starting with pre-built applications

Not in the mood or headspace to code? Don’t worry, the App Deck by Zoho has every app you’ll ever need. To satisfy all of your needs for business solutions, just install and modify them to your own needs and uses.

Serving Professional Industries: Education, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Hospitality & more

Managing Business Functions: Human Resources, Finance, IT, Administration, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service & more

Jump-start your digitization objectives with free business software. The Zoho library of 65+ prebuilt cloud-based business apps from Creator is more than just model apps. These apps can be customized in addition to being easily accessible with just a single click. Customizations are not only infinite, but are also simple and quick to implement thanks to Creator’s low-code platform. You’ll be able to easily take a pre-built app and make it perfect for your business needs.

The Zoho App Deck has applications ready to customize for help with:

Promotion & Sales

To assist you in starting the process of digitizing your whole sales and marketing cycle right away, we have prebuilt sample apps. Our package enables you to quickly automate business activities at scale, from lead management through customer, product sales, and proposal management, as well as product categorization, content development, and franchise management.


The foundation of Creator’s low-code framework is business process automation. Our operations model apps support the centralization of all business processes, including order management and stakeholder management. Additionally, our industry-specific model apps demonstrate you the level of customization you may create for your needs.


Human resource professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that your staff remains motivated, as a motivated workforce is a vital factor in your company’s success. With our collection of model apps created just for your HR team, you can automate all of your clerical tasks, freeing up time for your employees to perform other HR duties.


Our collection of sample apps for accounting and finance includes billing, tax administration, cash flow analysis, payables and receivables management, and much more. Taking away procedural, low-order duties from your professionals can improve compliance for your company and reduce potential threats.

IT & Administration

Cloud-based apps are now essential for managing important areas of administration and IT, such as scheduling meetings, booking conference rooms, resolving customer service issues, and managing IT software and resources. Your employees could concentrate more on internal customer satisfaction if your IT management and administration were streamlined!

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your company. All of your marketing and sales efforts will be for nothing if you can’t keep your clients and guide them through their journey with you. Visit our sample apps to learn how to keep your customers informed and well-cared-for.

With native mobile apps, you can work from anywhere

Because the solutions you create with Zoho Creator are automatically made available as mobile apps, you can access your app and data from anywhere, whether you’re on a business trip, in a remote area, or just sitting at your desk.

Online and Offline Access

While offline, access your app and add data. As soon as you get back online, everything you published is automatically synced across all of your devices. Reports can be saved for offline viewing, and location-based workflows can also be enabled.

Over 40 other Zoho products as well as a number of well-known third-party programs are integrated with Zoho Creator. And if you require further connectors, REST and RPC APIs make it simple to include them.

How safe is the data stored in the cloud at Zoho Creator?

Data from one customer is logically isolated from that of another using Zoho Creator. Data backup and retention take place safely. To guarantee security and high availability, all consumer data is kept in data centers throughout many locations. Zoho is also ISO 27001/27017/27018 certified and SOC 2 compliant.

The back-end infrastructure of applications created with Zoho Creator scales easily as business demand increases. More than 3 million apps created with Zoho Creator are currently being used by 10,000+ clients in more than 170+ countries, demonstrating the platform’s strength.

The platform for creating mobile applications that meet all of your needs

The need for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) will only grow as our phones take on more and more importance in our daily lives. Unlike conventional approaches, MADPs include numerous back-end capabilities in addition to UI/UX and workflow automation. And Zoho Creator has what you need in terms of potent mobile development platforms, to create something amazing.

Create software applications with web, mobile, and tablet interfaces all at once, and adjust the user interface (UI) for each platform as necessary. Additionally, every app created with Zoho Creator functions flawlessly on the web, iOS, and Android smartphones.

Highly Accelerated Development

Why build applications the old-fashioned way when you can accomplish it quicker and easier with us? Deluge, a Zoho online programming language, powers Creator. With tools like autofill and code snippets for syntactic help, it helps users speed up development.

Make distinctive, customized apps for your business. Regardless of your level of technical expertise, create apps with the precise functionality you need to automate activities at your company.

Get Started with Creator

Let us show you the power of Creator so that your business can start taking advantage of customized tools and apps that specifically serve your business and streamline your processes. Planned Growth is your Zoho Advanced Partner and a recommended DesignRush partner. We readily assist with migrating, implementation, customization, training and ongoing support of Zoho products for current and new Zoho users. Call us at (800) 625-GROW (4769)  or click here to schedule your free demo today!