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Zoho People: What Are the Benefits? 

Technology is continually expanding, and everyone wants to remove the need for manual operations in this rapidly evolving technology. With the help of Zoho People, this can be accomplished in a user-friendly and effective way.

Zoho People is a cloud-based human resources software designed to nurture people, respond to changes rapidly, and make HR management quick and effective. Simplify your HR operations, retain talent, and create high-performing staff by prioritizing the employee experience with the help of Zoho People. Featuring a number of fundamental functions that will help you create and automate your HR operations effectively, this Zoho cloud-based HR Software platform provides a great employee experience while also improving operational excellence.

Go paperless with your apps and easily streamline your HR processes! Zoho People software increases corporate productivity and allows you to stay competitive.

Advantages of using Zoho People  

Track Attendance & Time:  

Time tracking is made easier with tools like shared calendars, an automated scheduler, timesheets, and time logs. Among other things, you can track project time, allocate different shifts to different pay rates, and schedule jobs. Geo-tracking, integration with biometric devices, clock in and clock out features, and the ability to customize each user’s preferences are also included in Zoho People.

Simplify Tasks:  

Workflow automation enables you to cut the time spent managing routine tasks. The system guides you through the setup process and allows you to define trigger conditions. Examples of automations are: configuring email alerts, managing tasks, creating event reminders, scheduling reports and email updates, and updating data fields.

Employee Self-Service (ESS):  

Employees can access their information using Zoho People. They can apply for leave, modify personal information, mark skills, and monitor information such as available PTO, all from a single dashboard.

Streamline Document Management:  

A document repository serves as a centralized location for storing and accessing assets of the company, removing the need for physical documents. Access permissions safeguard important information, and alerts keep employees informed when new files are added. The tool also integrates with e-signature tools to make managing contracts, offer letters, and other documents simpler.

Promote Collaboration: 

This solution includes tools to help with effective communication. Feeds enable employees to readily track information such as announcements, shift updates, and project details, while supervisors may view pending requests. Messages can be sent to people, departments, and many other groups. The system also notifies users of updates via web and mobile notifications.

Customize the System: 

You may create custom forms of any type using an easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface and a variety of field types to collect the data you need. There are also options for configuring user access and features for reusing forms. Validation rules allow you to restrict which individuals can enter into certain fields. In addition, instead of creating processes, you can simply use custom actions to trigger events.

Ensure GDPR Compliance: 

Features that allow for data correction, deletion, and transfer to another controller ensure GDPR compliance, such as the right to rectify, the right to erasure, and the right to data portability. It also has audit logs that document processing actions, data encryption, and security measures like location-based restrictions.

Extend Zoho People:  

Zoho People can interact with the broader Zoho suite of products for project management, bookkeeping, invoicing, analytics, CRM, and more. To establish a scalable solution, it also integrates with third-party programs like as Zapier, G Suite, QuickBooks, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign.

Key Features of Zoho People   

Leave Management: 

You can configure the software’s leave management rules to simplify the calculation of PTO, rollovers, and other benefits. It also accommodates a global workforce by providing configuration choices for various regional holidays. Employees may immediately examine their leave data with several interfaces, and automatic scheduling tools allow you to transform absences into leaves for administrative purposes.

Employee Database Management:  

Zoho People offers a centralized database for handling personnel data. People can be divided into categories, employees may be added in bulk, and records from multiple nations can be centralized. It also has an organizational chart and communication features for group or department collaboration. The platform’s automatic syncing with other integrated systems ensures data accuracy and eliminates the need for manual data entry.


Reports and dashboards provide insight into all aspects of human resource management. Turnover, hiring vs. attrition, growth rates, tasks, personnel numbers, time logs, and other indicators can be tracked.

Case Management:  

This tool allows your business to address all cases and requests made by employees. For quick access, you can create categories and include documents such as FAQs and policies. Individual case comment functionality eliminates the need for email exchanges, and you may manage additional case details directly from each case’s tab.

Performance Management: 

For more accurate assessments, the system accepts feedback from numerous sources. It also enables review cycles in which employees and supervisors can provide 360-degree feedback. Tagging allows employees to demonstrate their skills, which can subsequently be matched with job needs. Key Resulting Areas (KRAs), goal planning and tracking, and skills all work together to show performance, and competency ratings can be used to assess employees. Finally, performance insights are revealed through analysis and reporting tools.

Mobile App: 

All HR functions are supported via native apps for iOS and Android devices, offering users complete mobility. Many actions can be completed with a single click.

How Planned Growth Can Help  

A proper HR Management Software makes it easier to manage people, complete all corporate tasks easily, and track business performance, data, and other procedures all on the same platform. With the latest proven technology and scalable business solutions, Zoho People is the best choice to meet your specific demands. You can carry out numerous operations and accomplish important HR processes functions effectively!

Planned Growth is an Advanced Zoho Partner with the experience and expertise to help you get started with Zoho People for your business. Take control of your HR needs without spending a small fortune, while creating a better HR experience for yourself and your employees. Call us at (800) 625-GROW (4769)  or click here to schedule a free demo today!