Why Does Social Media Change So Much?

Social Media LogosWith over 78% of the American population having at least one social media profile, is it any wonder social media is changing the world in a way no one ever imagined it would? With social media, one can no longer hide behind a computer screen and many people are creating their own personal brand using social media.

Does this answer why social media changes so often? In a way, yes, because with the demand so high for anything new on social media, enterprising individuals will want to cash in by creating new apps, new designs, and new technology.

Here’s a quick look at what happens on social media in a one-day period:

  • 75 billion posts on Facebook
  • Over 400 million tweets
  • 4 billion YouTube videos
  • 2 billion photos on Instagram

These are four reasons why social media is changing faster than any other content on the web and marketers have to deal with multi-channel strategies to make a dent or keep the status quo of businesses.

Social Media Creates Surges

If you have a cause you want to promote and bring to national attention, the best way is through social media unless you have a direct line to a major news outlet.

As far as advertising is concerned, there is a major surge towards social media with ad spending reaching over $25 billion in 2015. Facebook captured almost 64% of ad spending on social media with Twitter and Instagram coming in way behind, but still posting impressive growths in ad revenues.

Social Media Changes the Way Consumers Shop and Read

Instead of reading the broadsheets or switching on their TVs, consumers are getting their “Breaking News” from social media. Instead of using the phone to talk to a sales person, consumers would rather browse the web for information and feedback.

Social Media and Relationships

Is it official on Facebook? Milestones are now being reported officially on social media, and a person’s life and relationships are no longer private but socially public, which means one blast reveals the latest updates to one’s network, saving a person a tremendous amount of time trying to keep everyone updated.

However, beyond just updates, social media is the new dating site, getting-to-know-you-better place, and break-up site for some.

Social Media Creates Income and Business Opportunities

One of the top reasons why social media is changing so much is because now small and medium enterprises can compete with big multinationals and corporations. They have found a huge opportunity to market their products and services without the high capital requirements using social media. Break-out products are finally getting the attention they deserve from viral sharing and creative marketing.

To stay connected to your market, a business must build a social profile. However, before doing this, there are four things that must take priority:

  1. Start being open-minded about social media and avoid setting limits.
  2. Understand the need to research the social behavior of your market so you can customize your profile to appeal to them.
  3. Integrate and create content so you can be reached on different screens, online and offline.

Getting the Right Kind of Help When Changing Your CMS

settings-265131_1280The Content Management System (CMS) is an application that makes it easier to manage a website. There are several kinds of CMS like WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Java Script, and PHP. It isn’t uncommon for anyone with a website to want to change their CMS for one reason or another – usually to improve the site.

Reasons to Update or Rebuild your CMS

There are several reasons a website might need redesigning, such as:

  • Your website speed is slowing down.
  • Your business is growing.
  • You want to be more responsive, especially to the mobile market.
  • You want to upgrade your design, change colors, or improve your branding.
  • Your bounce rates are too high.
  • You are getting complaints about your site.
  • The CMS you are using is an old version and no longer has adequate support.

However, saying is much easier than doing, especially with CMS, because any change can potentially affect your SEO and, more importantly, lead to a poor quality website that will affect the very reason you are on the web.

Studies show that the quality of a website is in direct proportion to the way it is managed, especially if self-managed. Of course, it cannot be denied that businesses invest in an online presence to promote their product and will consider anything to lower costs like building your own website or making changes on the website like a DIY project. The downside of making changes with the CMS on your own with an app will reflect in the output. The website mighty experience the following issues:

  • Wrong format
  • Disregard for white space
  • Security issues if the CMS you select has inborn vulnerabilities
  • Slow page load time by selecting the wrong CMS for your website
  • Picking a CMS that does not address your specific needs and team size

Based on an August 8th survey on CMS, the most popular is WordPress with over 17 million users. While you don’t have to be highly intellectual to use WordPress, there are prerequisite knowledge and skills needed if you want to use it and not be bogged down with errors and issues, namely with plugins, design editing, layouts, and maintenance. Furthermore, WordPress has a reputation for being vulnerable to viruses and attacks. Plus, if you want heavy content on your website, this CMS must be tweaked to handle the load because on its own, it does not have enough horsepower.


8 Reasons Why a Professional Will Do a Better Job

Just like you would not build your own car or house unless you are in that line of business, your CMS would benefit from the expertise of a professional for several reasons.

One, you save time and get the job done quickly.

Two, you save money because your time is money and focusing on something with a steep learning curve will take you away from running your business. However, you can ask the professional to teach you basic skills so you can make small changes on your website without compromising its quality and technical performance.

Three, a professional will be able to customize the CMS to fit your website and business needs to a “T.” With a DIY CMS app, you are bound by its design and functions – some of which are quite limiting. A professional will be able to build your website so you attract your target market and decrease bounce rate. You will also enjoy infinite possibilities compared with working with a few templates.

Four, you will have a better user experience. A professional team will be able to select the best topography, lay-outs, accessibility, and interactive elements so your message is appealing to your market. Users will also benefit from easy navigation and be able to enjoy the website.

Five, SEO will improve. With the help of an expert, structural changes with the CMS will not affect SEO and will in fact boost it. This means web traffic will not be affected negatively because there will be no broken links and issues with meta tags.

Six, with proper care, your website will be scalable. This means you won’t suffer quality when you make modifications or post new content.

Seven, you are guaranteed service and ongoing maintenance.

Finally, your credibility as an online presence will advance because you will have a website that performs and operates seamlessly. You will not experience erratic design elements, which would affect traffic, and you will become the benchmark for your industry because of your well-developed website.

When Your Business Should Go Live: The Benefits You Can Reap Almost Immediately

Live StreamingLive streaming or live video is the utmost darling in Internet marketing through social media today. It’s preferred by most Internet users who love being entertained and informed via videos. From the business side of live streaming, what you will be surprised to find out is that, even if less than 100 people view your videos, the response and engagement rate is A-mazing:

  • 40 to 50% will ask questions or try to connect to the business via email.
  • An average of 30% people who view a well-made informative live video will view three or more of your next videos.

However, these results came from a study using Periscope, the live streaming app of Twitter. It is also important to note that the study was done after Periscope introduced Autoplay on Twitter, meaning the videos were broadcast over Twitter.

Live streaming is without a doubt one of the best ways a business can engage with its market. The benefits are immense, considering the many choices one has in marketing a business. For instance, when Spotify decided to use Periscope (one of the early brands to open a Periscope account), it was able to launch its first video within the day and received over 1,500 hearts instantly.

FB Live is the closest strong competitor of Periscope, backed by the very aggressive and successful Facebook. FB Live has millions of loyal followers and users, one of which is The Tonight Show, using FB Live to give audiences a sneak peek into their backstage whirlwind activities before and during a live show.

The response from both Periscope and FB Live is nothing short of positive thunderous acceptance and approval. The great news is that live streaming can be done by anyone to introduce new product, launch promotions, and sustain consumer interest. Some of the benefits from live streaming are yours for the taking, and include:

  • Allowing you to communicate directly to your market.
  • Not discriminating against any business size, industry, or product.
  • Embracing uniqueness. The more original your video is, the higher the chances of being appreciated. In fact, “produced videos” tends to be less appreciated than spontaneous, informative videos.
  • Driving engagement and encouraging viewers to follow or subscribe to your brand’s social media account.
  • Projecting a more “personalized” ambience.
  • Integrating fully into several platforms.
  • Allowing you to monitor your content and interact with your followers.
  • Giving you options to share your videos on a live feed to the public or to selected followers only.

To ensure going live successfully, make sure you have a strong Internet connection, send bulletins out to your network about your first (and succeeding) live videos, respond to everyone, and experiment on different kinds of broadcasts from Q&A, behind-the-scenes, and special events or interviews.

Most importantly, don’t give up easily and don’t forget to have some fun with the live feeds. If your initial strategy isn’t working, try something else. A good hint on how to proceed is to follow the lead of your viewers. If they start asking questions or commenting, follow their lead and build on that.

The End for Periscope?

PeriscopeLast month, Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, became the lifeline for Democrats and the many Americans following the vote on a new gun control law. After the Republican-controlled CSPAN booth shut down, it was through Periscope that some Democrats were able to live stream the events inside the hall.

Will the launch of FB Live be the end for Periscope? This is unlikely, for several reasons:

  • Periscope is determined to stay fresh with new updates like its recent Go Live button strategically placed on the Twitter app, which, when clicked, directs the user to Periscope.
  • With a new update, Periscope now allows you to save your streams forever.
  • Periscope is a standalone app, which allows you to track accounts and keep tabs on your followers.
  • You can use it with GoPro, iOS and Android.
  • You can sketch while live streaming.
  • There are thousands who love anything BUT Facebook because of the multiple issues surrounding its use such as the new privacy and censorship policies, among others.

Most definitely, video and live streaming is the current darling of all social media features. It is able to generate up to a 1200% increase in shares, compared to images or text. However, not everyone likes Facebook and will admit to having some kind of love-hate relationship with the service. This means that if possible, they will use whatever alternative is available – and for now, Periscope is it. In fact, according to Forbes, millennials adore and are obsessed with Periscope.

Here’s why:

  • Periscope allows users to feel that they are in a private intimate setting where one can get the freshest information.
  • Periscope is engaging.
  • With Periscope, you also can enjoy a sense of urgency now that it is packed with Twitter through a Go Live icon.
  • There is less of a promotional feel to live streaming on Periscope for several reasons, such as its more personal way to communicate with sketching and the use of the GoPro.

In a recent interview with the CEO and founder of Periscope, Kayvon Beykpour spoke about the future of live streaming.  Beykpour spoke about how the performance of Periscope will affect the future of Twitter, especially now that FB Live has been launched. Some of the highlights of that interview include:

  • Periscope is a real chance for business entrepreneurs to break into the mainstream more easily.
  • With Periscope, a business can actually engage with the company to create a dedicated channel for special events.
  • The main focus of Periscope in the coming months will be audience interaction, which Beykpour believes is a powerful marketing tool because it gives viewers a voice.
  • As business entrepreneurs, one of the most valuable business assets you could ever hope for is customers’ personal responses to your marketing efforts. Just imagine how extra special your client will feel when you respond to their comment or feedback on your live stream video. Right there, a bond can be established that will have untold returns if addressed properly.

Some of the top world brands that use Periscope and are happy with its service are BMW, Netflix, Red Bull, Spotify, Adidas, DKNY, General Electric, and Mountain Dew.

What these and many more companies are doing with Periscope is simply amazing:

  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Special promotions
  • Live events
  • Contests
  • Live interviews

With Periscope, you offer your customers a wider perspective of your business – and this can enhance brand loyalty and offer an abundance of goodwill that can last several lifetimes.