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Why You Need Managed Marketing Services in 2023

Marketing as a managed service is one of the most effective and affordable ways to develop and implement a successful marketing plan for your company. Marketing is challenging, especially if you are doing it all on your own. Managed marketing services allow your business to have the power of a marketing team, at your disposal, without having to worry with hiring, training, and company incentives that employees would require, such as health insurance and retirement contributions.

In today’s climate, managed marketing services include more than just lead generation and advertisements. In order to be effective in 2023, your marketing plan should include, in addition to lead generation and advertisements, your website-the design and creation of your website, the maintenance and updating of your website, content creation for your website, for your email subscribers and social media feeds, your social media accounts and reputation, online reviews and much more. It’s important that your digital marketing is handled by a professional team that is well versed in the trends and best practices involved in elevating a product or brand.

Perhaps you are a flourishing firm wanting to expand; or you are introducing a new product and want to attract new clients. To promote your company successfully, you will need the correct tools as well as specific expertise in using those tools to your advantage.

Creating a totally in-house marketing team would be expensive, time-consuming, and the results would not compare to those of a managed marketing team. Attempting to do it all yourself not only takes you away from the operations of your business, it doesn’t allow your business the benefit of the expertise that you will experience working with a professional marketing team.

Access to Expertise and Technology

Are you working with the right people to help you achieve your marketing goals? An effective marketing team demands a wide range of experience, whether in SEO, video production, copywriting, social media management or design—there’s lot to accomplish and you’ll want to cover all of your bases. A low budget will have an impact on staffing and department size, but it will also have a serious influence on the technologies that you can utilize.

Considered, by many, a science and an art, marketing requires both thoughtful creativity and the correct technology to be effective. Consider analytics, audits, and research. Without these tools, and the knowledge of how to use them properly and interpret their data, it’s nearly impossible to best position your brand and develop a winning strategy to beat out the competition. Working with a professional marketing team gives you the benefit of their years of knowledge and experience for results that you won’t be able to replicate yourself accurately.

A solid digital marketing firm has experts in the many different aspects of marketing. You can expect there to be one, or more, experts in each of the following areas:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writing / Creation
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click and Advertising Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online Reviews & Reputation
  • Ecommerce

Professional marketers use a variety of tools to aid them in their work, whether it’s data on the behavior of your customers, your Google ranking, or your monthly traffic statistics. SEMRush and Zoho CRM are two of the tools that experienced marketers often use to manage and analyze important data about your customers. Planned Growth is an Advanced Zoho Partner and a Certified Agency Partner with SEMrush, meaning that we not only use the technologies to assist in our clients’ success, but we have an intimate working knowledge of their software and how to get the most out of each. We have partnered with the companies that created these tools for the benefit of our clients.

When working with a professional marketing firm, you are using the same tools that larger established and successful businesses are using to increase their customer base and grow their online presence. Bid adieu to the constrained, cost-free possibilities that you discovered online and reap the benefits of working with the same proven tools and methods that the “big guys” get to use.

Controlling Your Marketing Budget

Marketing spending, particularly digital marketing spending, has risen steadily in recent years. Businesses continue to increase their budgets in order to take advantage of popular marketing approaches such as lead generation and email marketing. Hiring an internal marketing staff to implement new marketing initiatives is expensive and will quickly add up.

Even assembling a small team can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. Incentives, hiring mistakes, equipment and office space are not cheap, and establishing the costly in-house staff, from scratch, would be difficult and inefficient compared to hiring an established marketing team. Many business owners lack the time and finances needed to make assembling an in-house team a possibility.  Planned Growth offers managed marketing services at different service tiers, depending on each client’s marketing needs and budget.

These different marketing service plans allow the business owner to anticipate the monthly cost, while selecting a plan that covers the services and results that they need for their business. With our different marketing plans, you can be confident that you are choosing a plan with the services and goals that your business needs.

Our Most Popular Digital Managed Marketing Plans Are:

Maintenance: Make sure people are aware of your business. Maintaining your internet presence on a basic level to keep everything accurate and current. Why do businesses require website management? Because even though you value your time, ongoing website maintenance is required for the accuracy and safety of your website. Your website’s search engine rankings will almost certainly increase if you consistently care for and update your website.

You won’t need to be concerned with maintaining your own website with fresh information, pictures, future activities, news stories, blog posts, or any other adjustments. This tier is best for startups and non-profits that would prefer allocate their limited resources elsewhere than on a costly private web consultant or in-house web manager.

Your tailored marketing plan in the Maintenance marketing tier may include: Website Maintenance, Basic “Best practice” SEO,  and Monthly Web Site Audits.

Visibility: We create and execute an online marketing strategy that will boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, qualified visitors to your web site, number of social media followers and email subscribers. Maximize user interaction with your website, app, and/or social media accounts with our visibility marketing package.

Organizations that communicate more often promote brand recognition and frequently provide better customer service. Social media also provides a platform for businesses to run marketing initiatives. The main focus of social media marketing is typically on initiatives to provide material that grabs readers’ attention and entices them to share it with their social networks. Because it appears to come from a reliable source other than the brand or company itself, a corporate message spreads from user to user and ultimately resonates. Because word-of-mouth is the primary driving force behind this type of promotion, earned media rather than sponsored media is the end outcome.

Your tailored marketing plan in the Visibility marketing tier may include: Website Maintenance, Social Media Management, Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Website Audits, Content Development and Email Marketing.

Lead Generation: The goal of this marketing tier is to create and implement an internet marketing plan that will aid in producing fresh, qualified leads for your business. Qualified leads enhance business revenues and the possibility that customers will visit the website again to make more purchases.

Your digital marketing strategy includes using well qualified online marketing channels to assist your business reach its objectives in lead generation. These media types—paid, earned, and owned—can be specifically targeted to your ideal client or customer.

Your tailored marketing plan in the Lead Generation marketing tier may include: Advanced SEO, Content Development, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Online Advertising with Google Ads and/or Social Media Ads with Specific Custom Built Landing Pages. We also provide the optional “Lead Nurture” add on that will sync your leads to your CRM.

Online Sales: This marketing tier is perfect for businesses that are serious about wanting to sell goods or services online, with maximum results. We create and implement a CRM-integrated online marketing strategy to boost online sales through planning, tracking, data analysis and design. With CRM integration, you get an in-depth understanding of the behaviors and needs of your customers that allows you to assist your visitors better, while increasing your profits.

Everywhere you have clients and potential customers, expand your local business, not just the location of your building. Improve your public image generally and locally in the places that matter most to you. Boost local search rankings for your own website by using check-ins and reviews to direct more visitors and leads to you.

Your tailored marketing plan in the Online Sales marketing tier may include: A Combination of Organic and Paid services, Email Marketing, and Social Media Services, in addition to Website eCommerce Planning and Development, Inventory Tracking, Content Development, Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Promotion Planning and Implementation

Learn more about how our digital marketing services can help your business grow.

Marketing Services Matter

According to a recent study, between 70 and 80 percent of customers do online research about a business before visiting them in person or making a purchase. This means that for businesses looking to be discovered by potential clients, having a positive online presence is crucial for success. If your company comes under this category and needs to improve its online presence, you should seriously consider investing in digital managed marketing services. Professional marketing services can help your company become more well-known, bring in website traffic, and draw in more clients than before.

The following are some of the most common advantages of managed digital marketing services:
-Developing an approachable, accessible, attractive website
-Increasing your social media following and engagement by publishing engaging material on your website, newsletter, social media and blog
-Increasing sales through paid advertising
-Improving your search engine ranks on Google
-Boosting foot traffic and local search customers
-Increasing the authority and visibility of your brand through marketing communication
-Increasing the number of high-authority, SEO-boosting referrals to your website

Managed digital marketing services can greatly benefit any organization that wants to expand their internet presence and acquire more clients. This is the case for a rising number of businesses, as more people rely on the internet to discover the goods and services that they need. Working with a professional marketing service gives you an automatic advantage over those competitors who are doing their own marketing and using below professional standard tracking and analytical technology.

Planned Growth is the digital managed marketing firm that you can rely on.
Contact us today to discuss your marketing goals and needs with our marketing experts. If you already have an idea of what marketing services your company needs, click here for an instant quote for ongoing managed digital marketing services by a professional team that gets results.